Construction Reforms in Housing and Businesses

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Types of Construction Reforms We Perform

Retaining walls

Load Retaining Walls, Concrete Stone, Bricks, Masonry, Breakwater in Constructions in the Pilar de la Horada and surroundings.

We are a professional company that builds all types of walls.
The walls are classified in 3 types:

Loading wall

Its basic function is to support loads, consequently, it can be said that it is an element subject to compression. The characteristics of the material for this type of wall must be consciously studied for mechanical work.

Dividing wall

The basic function of this type of wall is to insulate or separate, and must have characteristics such as acoustic and thermal, waterproof, resistance to friction or impacts and serve as insulators.

Containment wall

They are generally subject to friction by virtue of having to withstand horizontal thrusts. These walls can be earth, water or air retaining walls. The above groups are divided into interior walls and exterior walls, by the type of material they are made of.
We build walls of stone, concrete, bricks etc. and wall formwork.
Please do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

construction walls pilar horadada

Swimming Pools

Pool constructions and installations, quick assembly, guarantee pool assembly and maintenance (dismountable and underground). Installation of fixed and telescopic heated covers for swimming pools throughout Spain. Purifying installations, pool covers, pool maintenance, steel, polyester, fibre, stoneware pool assemblies, pool accessories, swimming pools in kit, detachable swimming pools, bottom cleaners, covers etc.

Construction of construction pools and installation and assembly of all types of pools in the community of Madrid and Spain. All our services are guaranteed by their maximum quality in the finished work.

We also offer a series of guarantees that will give you greater confidence when hiring any type of work or reform. Visiting these pages will convince you of the quality of our services and surely you will decide to contact us.

Swimming Pools Constructions and Installations with Total Guarantee and Quality 100% Professionals in All Our Works


Construction Swimming Pools of Pilar Horadada

Tiling and flooring

Specialists in floor and wall tilings with all kinds of materials.
Installers of marble, granite, ceramics, porcelain, tiles, interior and exterior decorations. Handcrafted marble, borders, tiles, listels, rosettes.

Ceramic floor and wall tilings. Floor and wall tiles. We have a wide range of finishes and colours that will provide the maximum integration with your environment.

Moldings, borders, listels, pepelmas, tiles, travertine etc.

Reformas integrales de pisos, casas, viviendas, constructions integrales de chalets, reformas y rehabilitaciones de locales, decoración y diseño interiores, obras con total garantía, construcción y acondicionamientos de naves industriales en el Pilar de la Horadada y alrededores.

We try to match and even improve the other offers, budgets, previous that our applicants have always in the same conditions, quantities and qualities that the competition offers. Do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment.

We will be delighted to assist you, visit your home to understand your needs, take measurements, study the particular details of your work.

Interior and exterior painting

We do all kinds of painting. Interior and exterior painting.

Application of interior painting with all kinds of finishes and an extensive plurality of colours and styles: Flat plastic, flat hardening, ground hardening, smoothing of gotelé, embossed lacquers, texturglas repair of fissures treatment of humidities etc, Smoothing of walls suppression of rough surfaces like gotelé, striped paste, chopped and related.

Troweling and filing with vacuum machines works experts in high decoration: Osaka, murals, stuccoes, glazes, imitations, florentine earths, genesis, paper, etc. Exterior painting chalets, exterior coatings paintings, genres of coatings, materials for testers, exterior painting with extensive plurality of colors and styles.

Seriousness and commitment: The fulfillment of the established terms are aspects that we have very much in consideration, for the calm of our clients of the service.

interior and exterior painting pilar horadada of the perforated
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