PVC doors in homes and businesses

The PVC doors we assemble at Crisalumpvc are doors for all those who like the idea of being at the forefront of design and functionality.
We work with several models that vary depending on the number of thermal chambers, as well as their insulation.

As the pvc material, anti-corrosion is guaranteed in all frames and profiles. You can order pvc doors for exteriors and pvc doors for interiors.

Illustrations of sections PVC doors by number of insulation chambers

PVC door with 4 insulation chambers

Door sections pvc 4000 pilar horadada
Door sections pvc 6000 pilar horadada

PVC door with 6 insulation chambers

PVC door with 7 insulation chambers

Door sections pvc 7000 pilar horadada


pvc door 1 leaf pilar horadada
pvc door 2 leaves pilar horadada

Why Does It Matter To Install PVC Doors?

The entrance doors we offer are very resistant and safe.

Many people think that having a strong PVC entrance door is not going to look very nice visually, but we offer a wide range of different styles and colors to suit everyone’s tastes.
You can be sure that you will have a high quality entrance door that will last for years and years.

Advantages of Installing a PVC Window

.- PVC doors have a multi-point security lock.

.- Available in a wide range of styles and colors.
.- They are strong and secure.
.- Add value to your home by giving it more quality.
.- PVC doors come with a fabulous glazing and tempered glass standard.
.- It has a very simple maintenance.

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